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ConsultingWhere offers a wide range of consulting, research and training services in many industry sectors delivered by experts with a wealth of practical experience of evaluating, planning and implementing simple web applications to large enterprise scale systems.

ConsultingWhere’s Christmas Competition 2016 winner announced!

What building, what city?

Thank you to all who took part in ConsultingWhere’s 2016 Christmas competition “What building, what city”.  Once again we had a fantastic response with entries received from far and wide.

We did promise that the 2016 Christmas competition would be easier than previous years, and happily, every entry received correctly identified the photograph as the Lafayette Gallerie in Central Paris.

We are delighted to announce that from the multitude of responses, Ian Davidson is this year’s winner and his chosen charity is the RNLI.

Ian writes “Having been a professional soldier for nearly 37 years and been paid to take risks, I have always admired the courage and bravery of the men and women who voluntarily but repeatedly put their lives at risk in extreme circumstances, for no reward except the satisfaction of saving another human beings’ life.  In many cases, they are the last hope for those who without their aid would perish at sea. Would were we all so selfless.  A most worthwhile donation to an eminently worthy cause – thank you.

ConsultingWhere was very pleased to donate £200 to this extremely worthwhile UK charity on Ian’s behalf.


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