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  • #INSPIRE_GWF @edparsons let’s get rid of some regulations even if we need to create some new ones for a single digital market in Europe 3 days ago
  • #INSPIRE_GWF @edparsons Digital accounts for 13% of global economic output – 4.8m employed in building apps by 2018 3 days ago
  • #INSPIRE_GWF Ulla Mazzoli “open geospatial data advocacy in Denmark – Finance Ministry a very good dance partner – a bit demanding but good” 3 days ago

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Answering the question “where”? It’s important to your Business

“Where?” underpins many of the important decisions a business makes. From finding new customers to optimising your supply-chain, location matters to the bottom line.

ConsultingWhere offers a wide range of consulting, research and training services in many industry sectors delivered by experts with a wealth of practical experience of evaluating, planning and implementing simple web applications to large enterprise scale systems.