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ConsultingWhere offers a wide range of consulting, research and training services in many industry sectors delivered by experts with a wealth of practical experience of evaluating, planning and implementing simple web applications to large enterprise scale systems.

ConsultingWhere’s Christmas Competition 2016!

What building, what city?

For 2016, we thought we’d make our Christmas charity prize competition a little different so we’re inside this year rather than outside. To enter, you need to email us with the name of the building and the city in which the picture was taken.  Please don’t ‘reply to all’ with your response or you may let everyone know the answer!

All correct answers will be entered into a draw and ConsultingWhere will donate £200 to a charity of the winner’s choice.  The competition closes on Friday 20th January and we’ll announce the winner, along with the building name and city and the chosen charity on our web-site Wednesday 25th January 2017. All entries by email to  Good luck!


Answering the question “where”? It’s important to your Business

“Where?” underpins many of the important decisions a business makes. From finding new customers to optimising your supply-chain, location matters to the bottom line.  Contact us to find out how “where” can help your business.