Nigel Edmead

Nigel is a geo-focussed learning development specialist with over 25 years’ experience in the geo-spatial sector. He has worked on numerous donor funded programmes in South East and Africa. Specialising in field of training and documentation he has applied GIS to improve urban and environmental planning in Indonesia and the Philippines, worked on introducing new computerised land administration systems in Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia and supported the launch of new geospatial products and solutions to the market in the UK. Through his professional experience Nigel has developed strong connections with the donor, NGO, academic and commercial communities. He is conversant with learning technology, learning management systems and eLearning authoring tools.

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Peter Lappo

  • Architectural design
  • FinTech
  • Project management
  • Business and data analysis

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Peter is a hands-on solutions architect and developer with 25 years of experience designing and developing software systems with the last 18 years spent developing financial systems; usually low latency high performance trading systems. He has worked with very large organisations such as UBS, JP Morgan, Nomura, Man Investments and RBS but has also worked with start-ups, such as a fintech start-up called Peer Dealer or Pollards Et Filles an investment manager in emerging markets. Prior to moving to financial services he developed real-time software for the telecoms and simulation industries. When working for Systematic Methods Research Peter collaborated with GeoGreenWeb to producing a GIS enabled iPhone app called MyStop that alerts a user when they are nearing their train stop.

At Peer Dealer, a foreign exchange trading start-up focused on the retail market, Peter was the chief architect, principal analyst and main developer and he turned around a failed project to produce a credible mobile first prototype and business model. In the process he specified a big data database, Cassandra, to store transactions and tick market data in a fault tolerant manner. At Pollards Et Filles he is the CTO responsible for defining strategy, training and mentoring and of course leading development.

In other roles in the finance industry Peter has had a wide variety of experience designing and developing trading systems at UBS, JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, Man Investment and RBS. Along the way he has gained experience in risk management, equities trading, fixed income, foreign exchange, forwards, swaps, and futures. At Man Investments he delivered a prize wining low latency co-located high frequency trading platform within an aggressive six-month period.

Peter’s primary technology background is open source with an emphasis on JVM languages such as Java and Scala. But he has a wide range of technology experience such as R and Python for statistical analysis; Objective-C for IOS mobile apps; Javascript and Anglular JS for mobile and responsive apps; big data technologies such as Cassandra, Spark and Solr for storing and analysing big data.

Peter has been an agile advocate since 2000 and has presented papers at agile conferences. His most recent presentation was to an audience in Guyana in association with Pollard Et Filles. Peter was awarded a PhD from Leeds University in Computer Optimisation and completed a Finance MSc at Reading University with distinction.

Maurits van der Vlugt

  • SDIs, neo-geography, social media, emergency management
  • Working with and leading multi-disciplinary (and multi-language) teams
  • Distributed, standards based spatial information systems
  • End-to-end project management and delivery
  • Based in Australia

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Maurits is recognised as one of Australia’s leading authorities in the design and implementation of (interoperable) spatial data infrastructures, and web delivery of spatial data. Maurits has a long career in consulting government and the private sector on developing location-intelligence strategies, along with the enabling technology frameworks, business cases and implementation planning. Having worked for over 20 years in the spatial information industry in Europe, the USA and Australia, he has developed an extensive international network.

Robin McLaren

  • International expert in Land Information Management
  • National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NDSI) strategy
  • Business change management
  • Land reform policy

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Robin has over thirty-five years’ experience in the design, implementation and management of geospatial information systems. Initially, this was with the system providers, but for the last twenty-five years he has been providing independent consulting services internationally to public and private organisations investing in innovative location enabled applications and has also been supporting land policy initiatives in developing countries. He is recognised as a world expert in Land Information Management and has worked extensively with the United Nations, EU and World Bank on land policy / land reform programmes to strengthen security of tenure and support economic reforms in Eastern and Central Europe, Africa, Middle-East and the Far-East.

Over the past 25 years, he has helped to implement over 100 corporate solutions, including National Land Registration and Cadastral Systems, utility asset information management solutions and complex Local Government land & property information management solutions. He excels at turning business requirements into effective information system solutions that deliver significant benefits to the business and citizens. More recently, Robin has supported national governments in formulating National Spatial Data Infrastructure strategies and led the formulation of the UK Location Strategy and supported similar initiatives in Kenya, Hungary, Iraq and Western Australia. He has also supported the implementation of INSPIRE in the UK and was recently a member of the UK Location Council.